Photon G not connecting to service

Dickie J  CochranDickie J Cochran Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
Can you help me?? I have been posting since the 1st and can't seem to get an answer. I am helping my ex with his phone, and am having a problem. He can hook up with my wifi fine, but is unable to use regular cell services or anything other than wifi. I have reset the phone, done the carrier rest, updates and most everything else I have read on the forum to try. I do have a few bars on the regular icon (set on CMDA or CMDA/4G only.. automatic goes to Sprint and it shows a red dot in the cell service icon)..but as soon as I get away from the wireless area the call goes dead.Can't call out etc when away from wifi. It's just not connecting to the towers.The phone is a Motorola Photon G he bought from you guys recently. The MEID is 99000201989916
the service area is most;y T-Mobile and ATT, but Sprint works alright here too. This area is mostly 3G but is combined into 4G..makes no sense..they are still setting up 4G here, but the Photon should be able to work alright but it doesnt.


  • Hello @Dickie J Cochran

    It seems like your account was not fully synced but I have refreshed and synced your account. Please attempt a carrier reset again and let us know if this helped!
  • Dickie J  CochranDickie J Cochran Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    No it still won't connect to service other than wifi.
    I also received a notice that this phone is no good in my area, and offered a refund?? So what do I do? We have 3G here as well as 4G in parts.
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