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Call quality is broken up

akatheswedeakatheswede Posts: 17FreedomPop Newbie
I recently decided to give FP a try and ordered a FP certified samsung galaxy S4. I have had only a few calls with good quality. I have reset profile, PRL, and even made sure FP app is up to date. This happens whether I am on a strong WiFi connection or on 3G,4G LTE. I only get 3G in my hometown and thought that was the problem but while in Arlington cemetery I had several calls with 4G LTE and the same issue. There are breaks in the conversation that I hear and a delay with the other party. This is the same results I get when sitting next to my wireless router and a solid speedtest check showing I have a good connection. Is this what I will have to endure or is there any other ways to get my call quality increased. In looking at my FP page I see the freedompop premium service. I thought I had opted out to begin with when signing up but must not have as I can deactivate this in tiny print hidden at bottom. Please help as I would like to stick with FP but if this is the premium call quality I will have to seek other options and take a loss on the phone.


  • burcroffburcroff Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I use my Freedompop phone as a primary phone but have to resort to tracfone when I can get the call clearly. When I use FP for conference calls, it does not always connect. I sometimes turn off wifi to get the call to connect via Premium voice and it connects to the conference bridge. Then at other times it seems to work better on wifi than on LTE.

    When I do get connected to the conference call it seems to disconnect often and I have to scramble and dial in via my tracfone.

    FP is there a was to prevent the disconnects while on a call? I seem to have 3 bars on my signal strength where I use it.

    Is there a good way to ensure a better call quality? I have turned off the echo cancelling as that was reading my conference code with an echo.
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