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MiFi500 Random Connection Problem

justthinkingjustthinking Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
edited December 2015 in Freedom Spot MiFi 500 (LTE) #1
My MiFi500 has been behaving badly for the past month and half ever since Sprint rolled out their tower upgrade and I have tried all the troubleshooting I can and still can't figure out what is the problem behind all my connection issues

One minute, the hotspot will have no problem connect to Sprint LTE network, but maybe an hour later, the hotspot will fail to connect and I would either get constant rebooting (hotspot kept showing Searching, then reboot) or the device will show NO SERVICE

What frustrates me is there is no pattern at all, I could be in same location with known good LTE coverage yet the device will work this hour and fail to connect the next hour

I have contacted tech support via the phone, (they tried re-enter my ICCID, refresh my account) I have tried multiple times reset device, update PRL and profile but the problem is still presist, the problem to me seems like Sprint is refusing to let my hotspot connect to their tower during the authentication process?

As a last resort, support said they will send me a new sim card but I am not sure if it will work and want to see if any of the support here can help me out

MEID 256 691 485 701 467 671

ICCID 8901120 0000 2222 58237 (SIMGLT207R)

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