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Save an extra 10% on Woot Today!

Pay with Amazon Pay and save an extra 10% on Woot today.

Perfect opportunity since we have one of our LAST CHANCE holiday promotions ending tomorrow - http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/7681761/type/dlg/http://electronics.woot.com/plus/free-phone-service-from-freedompop-4?ref=el_cnt_wp_11

*** Including the a few last LG G2s we may have this year

More details on Amazon Pay here


  • rickinhurstrickinhurst Posts: 29FreedomPop Newbie
    Yea, just tried to use this...no 10% off presently. I guess your information is wrong....

    No 10% discount, not order "WOOT WOOT" !!!
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