Review from Endgadget - A week with FreedomPop in the UK: You can't argue with free

An Engadget reporter did a great Review of our UK service a little while back. Wanted to Share!

FreedomPop's service is obviously meant for light users, not haphazard streamers like me. If I was a bit smarter with my data usage, however, I could almost certainly get by on the free tariff with minimal overage charges, and unless your phone is in-hand 24/7, you might realise you could too. While I'm sure there are many of you, like myself, that are happy to keep a free SIM to hand for emergency use, the provider's "Premium" plans are also great value for money as far as 30-day, SIM-only offerings go. I'm extremely interested to see how FreedomPop evolves over the coming months. If and when it starts getting into subsidised handsets, it might well become a seriously attractive alternative to the UK's major carriers and MVNOs.

Read the full review here
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