Phone Support has failed to activate my device 3 times.

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I just bought a Moto E LTE 2nd Gen device from FreedomPop. I have only been able to use the phone via wifi. I called customer support on 12/11 and 12/16 and they told me the phone is deactivated and it should work within 24-48 hours. On 12/18, they said they would activate it immediately but he ran into a snag and told me to try it in 2 hours. On 12/19 it is still not working. Can someone please help. My reference number is 151216-000285.


  • Hello @Buzbee

    Your account is showing that the SIM card is not compatible with the device, can you please confirm the type of SIM that you currently have on your phone.
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    It says:
    Sprint Model # SIMGLW206R
    ICC ID: 89011200000504104141
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    Sorry, it says "Part" instead of "Model #"
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    I downloaded an app called SIM info and it states:

    SIM State: OK
    Phone #: Not set on SIM
    Serial #: 89011200000504104141
    Subscriber ID: 310120050410414
    Country: United States
    Software Ver.: M8916_2020610.

    SIM card Operator
    Name: Chameleon
    Code: 310000

    Name: Voicemail
    Number: Not set on SIM

    Network Information
    Current Network Type: unknown
    On Roaming: false

    Network Operator
    Name: Chameleon
    Code: 310000
    Country: United States
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    I was sent the wrong sim card with my Moto E 2nd Gen 4G TD-LTE, White. I was sent
    Sprint Part SIMGLW206R (SKU CZ2102LWR) (UPC 760492013536).

    I require Sprint Part SIMGLW236C (SKU CZ2132LWC) (UPC 760492031905).

    The Sprint store says they only sell sim cards to Sprint customers not to Sprint MVNO customers.

    Can you send one to my home address?

    John Witzel
  • BuzbeeBuzbee Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
    I have been waiting for 3 weeks now for that sim card. I heard they sell that model at Best Buy for $5. Would I be better off purchasing one there and seeing if you can activate it?
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