Scratch Wireless Photon Q 4G LTE

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djinks said:

@PhilWangS3 Usually I find Update Profile and Update PRL under Settings > More/General > System Updates.
If your Photon Q LTE is still active on Scratch Wireless, it will fail FP's MEID check. Try the Ting checker, as it seems to tell you if the device is still active.

Start a new thread if you want more information.

My account at Scratch has been cancelled. The phone ESN should be free. However, Ting BYOD states the ESN is invalid. Not, that it is active on another carrier, actually says invalid.

1. In order to reuse the phone as a cellular device, I will need to flash the phone back to Stock ROM.
2. In order to activate the phone, I have a valid ESN from my old VM Motorola Triumph phone I can use for the Photon (newer device).


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    Try the MEID (hex or dec). Contact Scratch to ensure the phone has been released.
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