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About: Freedom Spot Photon

A 4G hotspot in the palm of your hand - fast free wireless at home or on the go. Connect up to 8 of your WiFi-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, and laptops – to the FreedomPop data network for 100% free high-speed 4G wireless internet. Through your connected devices, you’ll be able to check email, surf the web, make VoIP calls, stream music, and watch videos wherever you go. Using FreedomPop’s fast free data network, the Photon can save you 100s of dollars per year by helping you to cut out your existing voice and data plans. FreedomPop is the nation’s first wireless internet provider committed to delivering 100% free high-speed internet to its customers – on any device, anywhere!

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Features of the Photon:

-Connect everything - hotspot that supports up to 8 devices at once
-Compact - fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere you go
-Go unplugged with a battery life of 6+ hours
-Works with any WiFi-enabled device

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