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MiFi 500 - Suddenly two new problems at once? Dead charger, device restarting constantly.

blearybleary Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
edited December 2015 in Freedom Spot MiFi 500 (LTE) #1
Would only get as far as the Sprint screen and blink a few times, then shut down. Eventually after connecting with USB to a computer for awhile got a message that the battery was low. It had been connected to AC with my power adapter the whole time. So, I guess that adapter is dead. They won't replace it over 90 days, so 4 months use out of that piece of crap. but, the MiFi still restarts constantly again. It seems the previously applied workaround (just recently re-applied since support wanted me to reset the device right off the bat) of disabling everything but band 25 to keep it from trying to switch LTE networks is no longer working. So, I'm trying it with 3G only which really sucks. Did the dead charger happen because of something that damaged the device as well? Is it now unreplaceable junk? anyone else seeing any of this? any new workarounds for keeping one of these things from restarting every few minutes?

It would seem that it has lost the ability to fall back to 3G and reboots instead.
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  • blearybleary Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
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