Need help replacing old phone

 michelle chebat michelle chebat Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I purchased a freedompop phone and would like to replace my old phone with this one on my account. I cannot find any option on my account to switch phones.


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    @michelle chebat
    1. First activate your new phone on a new account, paying the activation fee if it is BYOD. If the new phone is FreedomPop branded, then there is no activation fee.
    2. Contact customer service or wait in this thread for the forum admins to respond and swap phones on the two accounts.
    3. Confirm the new phone works on the old account.
    4. Contact customer service again to deactivate the new account (old phone on it now) and (if BYOD) process a refund for the new account. Do this within the first thirty days the new account is open.
  •  michelle chebat michelle chebat Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
    I activated the new phone. I called FP customer service but was on hold for more than 40 mins. Who else can I contact to swap phones on my old account?
  • Hello @michelle chebat

    Would you please send me the account emails through a private message. I would be glad to assist you through there :3
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