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What I did to get my 500 working

I just got my 500LTE and out or the box it had the rebooting problem. Dang. By default the device comes with the mobile network set to LTE prefered. I know I was less then a block from the WiMAX tower so I know I had a good signal before. Anyway, I set it to 3G, that worked, 5 bars! Yay. Ran Speedtest.net 1 up and 1 down. Boo. Switched it to LTE ONLY. No bars, but my laptop successfully connected this time. Speedtest.net 8.43 down 6.96 up. Very good! It does seem to vary a bit speed wise but that's what I had been getting from the WiMAX tower so I'm happy. This change can be made from the MiFi directly in the mobile menu.

My thinking is this for whatever reason the LTE tower lookup isn't correct so it keeps trying to switch endlessly from 3G to LTE. I don't mind forcing it to use one or the other.

It does seem to keep an active connection active but once the connection shows dormant it drops the connection or reboots. Haven't figured out a work around for this yet.

This was posted while on the hotspot.

YMMV hope this helped a bit.


  • tringuyen01tringuyen01 Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    I have the same problem and didn't know what to do. I switched to 3g prefer network as you mentioned and works ok. thanks for the information.
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