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Porting Details from Sprint - not sure if I have it right...

Stefani WilliamsStefani Williams Posts: 81FreedomPop Newbie
@Richard Allen

I need to port my parents' Sprint phone numbers to their FP phones/accounts. As I am aware, one needs an account number, account PIN, account billing phone number, and billing name and address. My father asked for these details from their Sprint store, but I just wanted to verify that I have it right before initiating the process.

This is what I have:
1. The account number (a unique number, but same for both parents since mother's account was under same plan)
2. Sprint rep says the PIN is my father's current cell number (and the one to be ported) and for my mother, it would also be my father's cell number.
3. This is what my father says about the account/billing number: "There is no account/billing number. I asked for clarity on this three times. The third time he asked me in a suspicious tone why I was asking about this. He said (landline number) did show, but it was only for informational purposes and was not the billing number. He said the billing number would be my cell number."
4. Billing address

My questions are: I am confused as to whether I am supposed to use the security answer Sprint asks for when speaking to them, or the PIN that they state is my father's cell number for both my father and mother's accounts.

And secondly, not sure why the rep couldn't be clear about the billing phone number. I would assume it is their landline, since long ago when they first started with Sprint, that would be the only number they could use. However, the rep is saying it is my father's cell number. So I'm a bit confused about that.

I ported my own number out of their Sprint plan and into FP, but unfortunately cannot remember what details I used. I just don't want to do anything wrong that would result in the loss of their numbers, because they absolutely want them ported. Any advice/solutions are much appreciated!


  • Ali Ali Posts: 6,735FreedomPop Master, Test Role, iOS Master ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Stefani Williams When I ported my dad's lines over, things were different. The account number was definitely not the phone number, it was a separate number found on our contract online. I pulled it up on the My Sprint website.

    As for the PIN number, that's usually the last four of the SSN or the billing account password. The billing number is just your landline home phone number, and your billing address is many times the place you reside!
  • Stefani WilliamsStefani Williams Posts: 81FreedomPop Newbie
    @Ali <3 Thanks for the info. Yep, the account number I have is unique. Just as you say, I would assume their landline is the billing number and NOT my dad's cell as the rep states. The billing address is as shown, and can only be one address. The only thing I am unsure about is the PIN, since I have heard varying things. The rep states it is my dad's current cell number for both my mom and dad's lines (the entire 10 digits), but it could possibly be the security answer when speaking on the phone with a rep (i.e. "what is the name of your elementary school").

    Since this is unclear, I am worried that if I input the wrong details it might somehow cause the loss of the numbers they want to port, which is what I most definitely do NOT want to happen. If there is no harm done by inputting a wrong detail and I would just have to start over, cool... because it has to be one or the other as stated above. BUT if I only get once chance to get it right, I am a bit wary. The Sprint rep wasn't very helpful.

    So if anyone has done this recently and can confirm whether the PIN is the cell number of the account or the security answer, I'd greatly appreciate it... Thanks!!
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