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I have been running speed test here in Denver with my Mingle hotspot connected to a tablet. I usually use a Cricket phone here on the eastern edge of Denver where I am technically outside of Sprints LTE coverage yet still get a LTE signal, sometimes one bar even. Here the Cricket phone is better but it is limited to 8 mbps even in the strongest signal. That's why I use my hotspots out and about.

Today I had the Mingle out and anytime I had a good 50% signal, I was getting 12 mbps +, 75% doubled the Cricket speed and at full power I had several down load speeds at 23 mbps+. That's three times what my Cricket phone allows for and much faster in use too. In most of my travels around Denver I see a 50% or better signal, unfortunately it drops to one or two bars in the neighborhoods.

So the Mingle can certainly deliver the speed if the signal is there. On the opposite end when the LTE signal gets down to no bar strength, I switch over to a very strong 3G signal that's about as fast as the limited LTE but less likely to drop off. It interrupts the service when it switches back and forth so it's better to just hold it in one. Slow as it may be, it is still usable and on the road, usable is a godsend.

So you know I generally don't use a lot of data. I like forums like this. play pogo games and a few you tubes but normally not much. Last month in fact I gave my allotment away right before my account turned over. The Mingles biggest job is being a option on the road when other paid options fail. Being on a free plan month to month means I can afford to keep it and the coverage as a option. Should it be the option that works where we are, I'll add data for as long as we are there. Along with my other low/no cost options on other networks it gives me a comfortable amount of data at home and the best possibility of connecting out there.

s for the service, it's wonderful. I find it fascinating not only because it is free month to month for the basic plans, but for the vast number of people that could benefit. In my family alone, my MIL paid for internet so that she could check her email and look things up once in a while. She hasn't had more than 10 emails a year for as long as I have known her. My Dad has had a "in case" phone but hardly ever uses it. In both cases Freedompop can fill the need for little or nothing. The up to 1 gig of free data doesn't sound like much but it's more than a lot of people really use.


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    @jimindenver , nice post. It's interesting that you're using various solutions depending on your location/situation. We try doing something similar. Being on the edge of the Olympic Peninsula our coverage is definitely hit and miss. We got a Mingle a while back to supplement the other hotspot that's on 3G full time and works well.

    Based on the coverage maps I thought we'd be able to get a decent LTE connection with the Mingle, but every minute or two it jumps back and forth between a good 3G and a very weak LTE. So its usefulness isn't great. It sounded like you were saying that you set the Mingle to 3G in similar cases. I'm very curious, how did you do that? And are you able to switch between the two, quickly & easily, as needed? I'd love to know how. Would you mind sharing?

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    Hi Robert

    With the Mingle you can type in and bring up the Mingle manager and change network settings there.

    One thing I have added is a Wilson Sleek to my arsenal. It says it helps on two of the three bands Sprint uses for LTE and I have seen some improvement in the third even if it may just be in physical contact with the antenna. It lights up 3G to it's best potential so that while you might not want to stream, everything else is serviceable.
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    Questions: Does anyone know how to reset the admin password? Second: can the mingle be set to LTE only in the admin settings?
    I like me deals and free stuff. Thx, peeps
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