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Cannot Activate

Hi. I just received the MiFi 500 today, and I cannot activate it.

When I start it, it says "Hands free activation in progress. Contacting Network..." Then it eventually goes to "Retrying activation in 60 seconds. Retry 1 of 5."

After 5 retries, I get "Activation Failed. Please call Sprint customer support at ______" and then I end up with "31000 SIM Error." Can anyone help me activate this? Thank you!


  • Hello @Phillip Hines

    I apologize for this inconvenience, it looks like your device was not synced to the account which may have caused this issue. Would you please attempt to use the device and let me know if it is now working.
  • Phillip HinesPhillip Hines Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I just tried it, and it is still not working.
    Thank you.
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