Is the last 10% actually real data?

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My freedompop data seems to wither and DIE at about 90% usage each month. I am allotted 1000gb, and a 900, griiiinds to a halt. With an app open on a tablet connected to my hotspot, which has excellent 4G connection, I see about 70KB usage an hour later. Of course, the web page never actually loaded, even with multiple refreshes, etc. It really just doesn't work. It'll reset to a new GB tomorrow, and I suspect it works great again.

Anyone else?

I'll try it tomorrow, and report.


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    @themdg Howdy! Accounts shut off around the last 100MB so that you do not get charged extra. If you enable automatic top ups or if you add some credit, you will be able to use the last 10% of your allotment!
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    Ahh. That makes sense. Frustrating...but still makes sense. They seem to know how to completely cut it why not do it at 100%, instead of 90%. Ha.

    Either way, data resets tomorrow. Since I'm running out a lot lately, maybe I'll look at upping my plan.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    @themdg You might want to look at adding FreedomPop Friends! That will get you 500MB extra for free.
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    Without a top up set or some credit, you could go over your allotment and FP wouldn't know it for 3 hours. You could go way over your allotment and then decide you didn't feel like paying for the overage. FreedomPop leaves that last 100 mb as a buffer so that you don't go over and they don't get burnt.

    I went over my first month. They charged me $2 and used 66 cents on the overage. Now I have $1.34 in credit and can use all of my data.
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    Hmm. Amazing :astonished: Such FreedomPop-policies probably explains why my free-byod plan just stopped working (on Jan-30th) or why phone is not showing the 3G/wimax connection !!! or, why no apps are able to connect with internet even after 3G icon has appeared in notification-area !!! according to my homepage in FP website, i used-up 406 MB of data (that is 81%), whereas i'm suppose to get 500 MB of data service per month.

    In dash board or in member-home page, right next to the plan's data amount, this policy needs to be mentioned clearly.

    When "TOP-UP" option is enabled/allowed/ON by user inside account settings, then at what exact amount FP will charge the account holder's debit/credit-card ? :grey_question:
    • The "Top-Up" option inside the account BILLING settings, is part of FreedomPop "Pay As You Go" feature. When "Top-Up" is enabled/"ON", then FP will charge $15 the first time when user get within remaining last 100MB of user's monthly plan data capacity limit.
    When "top-up" option is disabled/OFF/disallowed by user, then Sprint tower data service connection will completely stop ? :grey_question: then how will sms/VOIP-call arrive inside the freedompop "Messaging" app ?
    • Yes, if "top-up" is "off", then Sprint (or roaming) tower based data service will be unavailable, completely. This service disruption event will happen when only 100 MB of data in a monthly capacity limit is remaining. My own understanding from FP emails is, it is not based on % of data amount used or remaining.
    • Talk/VOIP-calls and Text/SMS can still arrive in phone or can be sent-out from phone, via FP Messaging app, when phone's WiFi network connection will be used & connected with any home or coffee-shop etc, any WiFi router or WiFi services.
    After 90% of plan's data is already used-up, can the "Messaging" app work over home or coffee-shop free wifi connection (to receive SMS/VoIP-calls) ? :grey_question:
    • When a user's data plan have only 100 MB of data remaining, then Sprint (or roaming) tower based data service will be unavailable, (my own understanding from FP emails is) its not based on % of data used or % of remaining data, instead it is based on amount of MB remaining. Yes, FP Messaging app can still work over any home or coffee-shop etc, any WiFi connection or services, for remaining Talk & Text capacity.

    EDIT: when i have accepted a friend-request, 50 MB was added into my plan :) now (Jan-31st) i see, the Sprint service (3G icon) is back, and apps are also able to connect with internet :) I also learned, it is also possible for a FP user to send data MBytes (if available) to another FP friend, and it is also possible for a FP member to send a get-request to receive data MBytes from a FP friend, from user's own FP homepage.

    EDIT: Today (Feb-2, 2016) i received message from FP on Jan-30, 2016 (or when 200 mB was remaining in my account) incident, that, when (? MB / full?) monthly data capacity will be reached, then Talk & Text and Data service will be unavailable over any Sprint or roaming tower based (WWAN/3G/4G/WCDMA/LTE) connection/service, but Talk & Text can be used over any WiFi connection/service, within user's available limit. If "top-up" is ON, then $15 will be charged when only-100MB is remaining of monthly data amount. Now i can answer some or partially, my above questions, myself.
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    Is there any way to disable top up fee without any credit in your account? I am under 18, so can't get a credit card, and don't have any money on my visa gift card. Any help is appreciated
  • Liam HarveyLiam Harvey Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    If I don't have enough money to disable top up and it charges my account $15 what happens
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