I purchased galaxy tab 3 16gb and i was shipped galaxy tab 3 8gb.

Christopher W ChaseChristopher W Chase Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I thought i would post this since Freedompop stopped replying to my email about my situation.
Purchased a tab 3 16gb in Dec. 2015, was shipped a tab 3 8gb. I asked Freedom pop, they said they dont sell a tab 3 16gb,
although it was advertised. So what have they done to resolve this issue? Nothing but give me 1 month free of service, and mail me a 8gb memory card, i never received the memory card, and dont care, because this is not what i purchased, all i want is my tab 3 16gb or a device that is equal of value and features. I wonder if there is anyone here can help me.


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