Stay safe during the Winter Storm! Tips for your phone during the storm

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Here's a PSA if you're affected by Winter Storm Jonas.

  • Keep your phone charged before the storm - If you still have power, plug that bad boy in now! You will need as much juice in your phone as you can get so that you can call emergency services should there be an emergency.
  • Save as much battery life as possible - Don't constantly play candy crush on your phone if you don't have any power sources available! You want to save enough juice as possible just so in case you need to reach emergency services, friends, or family, you can do so.
  • Have an alternate source of power available - FreedomPop is known for throwing in free power banks or car chargers from time to time, use them to your advantage.
  • Text to communicate - While FreedomPop is all VoIP, calls may take more time to go through. Texts use much less resources and will get to your recipient much faster.
  • Keep your phone dry - if you plan on going outside, make sure your phone has water protection. You can even use a simple plastic bag to get by.
  • If there's an emergency, call 911.
  • Most importantly, stay safe.

Stay safe everyone!

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