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Pre-BYOD info please

Cory NovakCory Novak Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
Hi guys

I hate the freedompop website. It makes information SO difficult to find and comes across as very scammy by their use of cookies forcing you into seeing or not seeing certain information.

Anyways. I have a LG Nexus 5 that I bought direct from google. I live in Canada near the border. I want to buy a sim and activate it on freedompop to use when I travel (regularily).

My IMEI passes TING, but not Freedompop lookup.

Here's my questions:

1) Can this be done?
2) Where do I buy a sim card and for how much?
3) How much is activation?
4) How much are the plans, where can I find details before I sign up on costs and the specs of the plans?
5) I used to have a 'free' plan with the Sprint WiMax device that never had coverage where freedompop said it did. Is there a free plan I can use with my google nexus 5?

Thanks for the help


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