FP Netgear LTE Gateway 6100D promo is back!

Anne T. _01Anne T. _01 Posts: 45FreedomPop Newbie
got notification on SD that the Netgear LTE 6100D is available for $29, but link was pulled for clarification issues. Just googled it and found another mention in DealSea and got the link from there. I ordered one and FP says it ships in 2-3 weeks (thanks for posting a realistic ship date)

Can't beat this price point! If anyone is interested, here's the link: http://dealsea.com/view-deal/652546

Now if i may ask, any feedback from the first wave of users when this device was introduced last year pre-Wimax sunset?


  • Cliff StinsonCliff Stinson Posts: 18FreedomPop Newbie
    @Anne T. _01 The 6100D is a fantastic device. It's very fast and stable - I've only needed to reboot once since I got mine. It gets great LTE reception and has a very strong wifi signal, too.

    I just wish FP had better value LTE data plans for it. A 10gb plan is $75. Compare that to Boost Mobile, which is $50/10gb. Karma is $50 for 15 GB. So over a year, you'd be paying at least $300 more to FP for the same amount of data on the Sprint network. Unless you hardly use anything, then it's free! :)
  • Anne T. _01Anne T. _01 Posts: 45FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks for the feedback @Cliff Stinson. Hope it will be the same for me.

    It is kind of odd that FP still has the $20 for 2 gb plan when any user can get up to 1.5 gb for free (with freedom friends and inter-acct. gifting)

    Although it looks like FP is changing it's business model and following Ring+ lead with the required top-up amount for new sign ups, so maybe they will eventually have better priced LTE plans - otherwise they will end up loosing users to this other MVNO (who are now allowing data only plans with tablets too)
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