Not being notified of incoming calls or texts on iPhone

Ryan BlakeRyan Blake Posts: 16FreedomPop Newbie
Recently the notifications on my phone have been barely working at all. Occasionally I will get an incoming call or receive a notification for a text, but for the most part nothing. Once I actually go to my messages or my call log, it will show up that I received a text or that I missed a call/have voicemail, but there is no indication otherwise. This is pretty frustrating as it is the most basic function of the phone, and I have some important stuff I don't want to miss. I saw some old posts from early last year and 2014 but none recently, and I just wanted to see if I'm the only person having this problem.

Is it going to be fixed soon? I really need this to work.

For good measure, here is what I've already tried (multiple times):

Profile updates, uninstalling/reinstalling app, restarting the phone, hard resetting the iPhone, making sure notifications are turned on, trying Banners, trying Alerts, making sure Badge App Icon is turned on, making sure Sounds, show in notification center, show in lock screen are all turned on, making sure Do Not Disturb is off, making sure mute/vibrate is not on, making sure Background App Refresh is on. I feel like there's nothing left to try at this point, and it is a software issue.

Can I please get some help?



  • IanWMitchIanWMitch Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I have a similar problem: I can get a vibration for an incoming call but not a ring, even though silent mode is not on.
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