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Losing text messages, and sending text messages automatically

Nickod777Nickod777 Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
Alright, so I bought my phone a little while ago, and I have been using freedompop's service. I have noticed that after sending text messages, I sometimes lose the text message that I sent, and am confused because I swear I sent it. Or I look at conversations, and forgot what I even said to spark responses... I'm mad at losing some text messages that I have sent...

My phone also sometimes sends messages before I'm even done typing when I switch the phones orientation from vertical to horizontal, or even vice versa. It's maddening when the phone sends an unfinished text message multiple times...

I have a Motorola E 2nd Gen.


  • Kyle MarshallKyle Marshall Posts: 46FreedomPop Newbie
    I have a Galaxy S3 and S5, and have the same problem with premature message sending when the orientation changes, or if the phone goes to sleep before I'm ready to send what I've typed.
    Maybe one of the forum mods can encourage the app team to fix this flaw in the messaging app?
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