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OK so I've been competing offers and earning free mbs of mobile data...but how do I actually use it? I have a free freedompop mobile plan that comes with unlimited talk and text every month but it has 0mb of data so I've been earning myself some free mobile data but I connect to the wifi network we have here at home so that I can use freedom pop to make calls and send texts. But let's say I'm away from my home network and there is no wifi Hotspot to connect to...can I then activate or turn on my mobile data and use up what I've earned?? I don't get it...someone please help.


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    I see you are in Free call & Free text app section.
    If that is the proper app for you then you have no data service. Your phone aparently has another service (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Net10, TrackPhone, many others) active. The Free call & free text app provides free calling and free texting when subscribing to another cell service.
    Freedompop also offers cell service connecting to provide data and also supports calling and texting like in above app. This requires a phone made for the Sprint network and to be activated to the Freedompop servers. Activating a Freedompop branded phone or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and activated that for services. Then when earning data credits you add more to the free 500 MB you recieve free each month. Having 10+ friends gets you 500 MB more per month. So if you have 500+500 and earn 45 more then you have 1045MB that month to useup.
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