LG G3 4g issues

Bryan RumseyBryan Rumsey Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
I just got my LG G3 today and activated it without any issues over the phone. However, I do not have 4g on it. If I look at the Mobile Networks area of the Settings the "4G Settings" and "Network Mode" options are greyed out. I'm not rooted so I can't check the APN to ensure that the 4G APN is there but it is completely stock and the Profile updates without issues so I wouldn't think I would need to worry about APNs. I read about using the Hidden Menu (5689#*990#) and users on other forums have mentioned going to a 4G LTE menu in there but I don't have one on my menu -- I checked every child menu as well. I've even tried a factory reset so I don't really know what the problem is.

I'm wondering if any one else has been in this situation or knows of a solution. If not, I guess I'll be installing a custom ROM or rooting this one so I can get some actual information about my issue.
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