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No internet on my new mifi-500

Kamal HathiKamal Hathi Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I get no internet connection on my new mifi-500 Hotspot. I ordered this to replace my USB "stick" which was running on the old network.
Signal strength is good and on the mifi administration page there seems to be a proper ip adress from Sprint.
Seems like some sort of an account setting problem, but not sure.
I have called ustomer support and spent hours without luck.
Really hoping someone here can help
Please !!


  • Kamal HathiKamal Hathi Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    Any ideas?
  • njfulwider5njfulwider5 Posts: 10,413FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Master, Test Role, FreedomPop Expert, FreedomFan, Android Master , FP Flyer ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hello @Kamal Hathi

    This is the info I like to give other Mifi 500 users having connection issues.

    If your having connection issues, Please go online and make sure you have more than 100mbs left on the account. Freedompop/Sprint likes to suspend the data when it gets close to the 100mbs data cap, because of Sprint's 3 hour delay. Please verify you have more than 100mbs. If you do, please try the next step.

    Try to update the Profile and PRL. PRL is to help get a stronger 3g signal and the Profile update will help you connect to a local Sprint tower more efficiently. Freedompop uses Sprint for all of its 4G and 3G Data needs

    Here is the update to the profile and PRL>>

    Note: Make sure you are connect to the Hotspot using the USB(Tethered) or Wirelessly. No other Internet devices or Modems, just the hotspot.

    1. Connect your computer to your MiFi 500

    2. Go to http://sprinthotspot or and log in (default password is "admin")

    3. Click on Settings on the left hand side of the page

    4. Click on the Device tab

    5. Make sure you're on Software Update tab within Device

    6. Click "Update Profile" and when that completes, click "Update PRL"

    Make sure when you do the update, you are near a windows with no obstructions. The Profile will connect your device to a local tower more efficiently and the PRL is going to make the 3G stronger. Hotspots are made to use outdoors and in open places like downtown. Once you get a successful update it will get a signal allot better indoor, unless your home is blocking the signal. The best way to test that, it to take the device outdoors to see if you get a better signal.

    Here is the User Guide>>


    Here is the Quick Start Guide>>


    Hope this helps,

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