No Service though Cellular Network Strength "GREAT"

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I purchased a FreedomPop phone through Sams Club (LG G2), but it only works on Wifi and has never been able to connect to the mobile network. I'm wondering if it wasn't activated properly or something?

The FreedomPop Messaging app indicates the correct phone number, and I'm able make/receive phone calls and send/receive texts when on WiFi. However, without WiFi I am unable to do anything that would require network service.

My account shows that I have used 0MB since activating the new phone on my account.

I've been using the FreedomPop Diagnostic app and here is what it shows under the INFO tab:

Type of Phone: CDMA Phone
Mobile Data Enabled: TRUE
Connection Type: NONE
Internet Connection: OFFLINE
Battery Health: GOOD
Battery Charging State: CHARGING
Cellular Network Strength: GREAT
Product Info: LGE LG-LS980

I am confident that there is FreedomPop service available here. It worked for my old phone and works for my other FreedomPop phone. Also, I have three phones (also LG G2) on the Sprint network in the same location.

I have done soft and hard resets many times on this phone and used the sync data feature in the messaging app, nothing is working.

Help please and thanks!


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    Hello Nate, What happens when you do a profile and PRL update?

    Make sure you're using a good Wi-Fi signal before the update. (Do near a window with no Obstructions or Outdoors if possible)

    On your phone open up "Setting", Scroll down till you see "System Update". Open and click "Update Profile". Wait for the phone to update. The phone might restart. Go back to "Settings" and scroll down to "System Update" and open. Find "Update PRL". Wait for the phone to update. The phone might restart. Please go back to the "Freedompop Messaging" and try your call again.

    Also make sure you have Mobile data enable in Settings. Open up settings>Data usage>Make sure it is checked on the top of the app.

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    I have completed those steps multiple times and it doesn't have any effect.
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