Unable to get Google voice number!

freedompop4rmsfreedompop4rms Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
- I logged into my voice.google.com account
- On the left side, I clicked on "Get a Voice number"
- I clicked "I want a new number" in a new dialog box.
- I get a dialog box "Before choosing a Google Voice number, please add a forwarding phone that will ring when that number is called. You can add more forwarding phones later."
- Under phone number, I entered my Freedompop number, phone type mobile
- I let it call my phone number to verify, but my Freedompop phone doesn't ring. I tried over and over again, without any success. Message is "We could not verify your phone. Please try again."
- At one time I was able to get call from Google for verification, but then when it was time to pick up a new Google Voice number, I got the message "There was an error with your request. Please try again." I tried again and again.
- In frustration, I removed the Freedompop number from my Google Voice account, and when I tried to verify again, I was in the same loop, unable to get the verification call, although the Google Voice screen was saying "Calling your phone."


  • bukzinbukzin Posts: 39FreedomPop Newbie
    You might try again but access Google via Hangouts.
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