Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Supported by Freedompop but is on the list of BYOD??

Robert ConnorRobert Connor Posts: 76FreedomPop Newbie
I would like to know if there is something peculiar to Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 not being supported by Freedompop as informed by one of Freedompop's representative yesterday?? I was able to get a seller to get a release code from Sprint thinking that would solve an issue--would it solve the issue?
If so, I will go ahead and purchase the phone from the seller.
If not, what am I supposed to do when buying a phone from someone else when it is Sprint-brand?
Please advise.

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  • Kyle MarshallKyle Marshall Posts: 46FreedomPop Newbie
    Sounds like a device specific issue, not a model-wide issue. I have a BYOD Sprint S3 and it works fine on FreedomPop (other than rapidly draining the battery).

    Side Note: The charging/data usb port on the Galaxy S3 (and S4) tends to crap out very early, you may want to look into a wireless charging adaptor to extend the life of your usb port. There are a lot on Amazon, I use one by CHOETECH and I like it a lot. Or an external battery charger and extra battery.
  • Robert ConnorRobert Connor Posts: 76FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you so much for answering my question!! The seller was impatient and unknowledgeable about her phone. She did not understand that I need ESN/MEID to check, need a release code, make sure that the phone does not have any unpaid balance owed to Sprint, etc. And she thought Freedompop is not "afflicated" with Sprint. The result was that she went ahead and cancelled the transaction without my consent! Fortunately, we decided to buy a Freedompop-brand phone off Groupon. It was quite an experience with eBay sellers. I do not like buying electronics from there because you really do not know if they are good or not.
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