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Everything 803S, Connection Issue? Passwords Issues? User Guides?

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Spot 803S

If your having connection issues, Please go online and make sure you have more than 100mbs left on the account. Freedompop/Sprint likes to suspend the data when it gets close to the 100mbs data cap, because of Sprint's 3 hour delay. Please verify you have more than 100mbs. If you do, please try the next step.

Try to update the Profile and PRL. PRL is to help get a stronger 3g signal and the Profile update will help you connect to a local Sprint tower more efficiently. Freedompop uses Sprint for all of its 4G and 3G Data needs

Here is how to update to the profile and PRL-

Note: Make sure you are connect to the Hotspot using the USB(Tethered) or Wirelessly. Make sure when you connect to the Hotspot Wirelessly, that the Hotspot is the only internet connection. If you have any Ethernet plugged into your home network, on the PC or Laptop, please unplug. If your connected, via USB, make sure that your WiFi is not connected to another network.

1. On a computer that is connected to the mobile Wi-Fi network, open a web browser and enter in the address bar then press Enter.

2. In the Admin Login password field, enter the administrator password and click OK.
Note: The default password is password.

3. Click Advanced Settings.

4. Click the tab labeled WAN.

5. Click Update 3G PRL.

6. Click Update now.

7. Click OK. (The PRL is updated)

8. Go back and Do the Profile update, should be in the same place as the PRL.

Note: It may be necessary to reconnect the computer to the mobile Wi-Fi network.

Once updated, you should have connection again. This will get the 803s back on track to receive a signal, to broadcast Wi-Fi to the device you want to use.

Make sure the Tri-Band Hotspot is not set to Wimax. 4G Wimax is no longer used. Here are the instructions on how to change to LTE


Note: Make sure you are logged into Administrative settings before changing this setting to LTE.

Passwords, and How to change them-

Freedompop like to use ( freedompop ) as the password no caps and no numbers.

Here is a great way to change the Network name and SSID/Password for added security-


Change the administrative password for even more added security here-


All 803S, please use these tutorials-


Sprint's Main page for the unit, great to use for troubleshooting-


Here is the User Guide-


Here is the Quick Start Guide-


Why does my Hotspot/Modem/USB show Data usage before any usage?-

The Data Usage Monitor/Calculator you see on your device is not synced with the Data you have on your account. This is just a program placed on the device to help you monitor the Data you use. If you receive your device and it shows any usage, this will not reflect on your account. Normally you will find a way to reset this Monitor/Calculator, in your User guide or the Instruction Manual. Typically if you want this to show the data you have on your account, you would reset this on Day 1 of your Plan, before any usage. You will also find that this Monitor/Calculator is not 100% Accurate. But it will give you a rough idea of the Data you use on the device, and becomes very handy once you learn how to use.

Great Tips and Trick, User Guides and How to's in my Signature-(Take a Peek)

Hope you find any post I have created helpful. Please look for my How to-s(Downgrading-100% Free) and (How to use the FreedomPop Community), or my Guides on FreedomPop Devices(Phones) and (Hotspots). Here is one on (FreedomPop Plans). Here is one on all (FreedomPop Apps). He is one on(Traveling with your GSM Global Sim?) or Common Question about the (GSM Global Sim). You can PM me anytime by clicking this link here njfulwider5. Than click the BUTTON with the (Small Envelope), to left of the word (MESSAGE). I will do my best help. Welcome to FreedomPop

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    Please call 480-813-9348 or email me if you receive this. Also, send me a phone number I can call. I cannot find any other way to contact Freedom Pop. I have an 803S which I use sparingly. I have been trying to upgrade it as you email suggests, but nothing works. It appears that you have cancelled my account without notifying me. I want and need it. PLEASE restore my account!
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