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Unable to exit EMAIL app from Yahoo.mail

pbolkinpbolkin Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
We have just received this Kyocera Hydro Icon phone and expecting the Samsung S4 to arrive today. MY wife set up her yahoo mail account under the "email" app and fine. IT opened and there was all her mail...all 190 messages. WE have been trying since yesterday to close "log-out" from the app so it is not continuously running. There is absolutely no way to do this. I have read forum after forum and it seems I am not alone. I actually had to space all 190 messages of hers "unread" then get rid of yahoo completely to get the program app to close. I am concerned that I will face the same problem on the Samsung.

Anyone else have this problem with EMAIL and using Yahoo? Please advise these newbies who are so darn frustrated at this moment.
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