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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 purchased from FP not getting 4G Data

damen_reddamen_red Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hi, I purchased a Sprint branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 from FreedomPop back in November, December 20th was the last day I was able to access mobile Data, I discovered today that if I turn off 4G then I am able to get 3G data. Is there an extra step I have to do to get 4G Data working?

Also, as a side note, I have been paying for Premium Plus which is supposed to have rollover data, but when logging into my account I see that I only have the original 2GB that I pay for monthly.


  • James_in_UtahJames_in_Utah Posts: 243FreedomPop Newbie
    In Dec, Jan, and Feb my roll over data did not roll over. Each time I had to call customer service and pen up a ticket and it took about 3 days to have them add back in the roll over data. They also billed me twice each month for the premium plus package, so check you bank statement.
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