A review of my first month with FP

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I have been with FP for a month now. Here is my review of my experience and hopefully some tips that will help others join more smoothly.

FreedomPop said my number was available for porting.
I purchased a sprint iPhone 6 to be able to BYOD and port my number to FreedomPop. I signed up for FP and began the porting process.
**first mistake was to not check with my previous provider. It clearly states on the FreedomPop website that they do not port numbers from my previous provider. I didn't get to that part of the screen until after I paid for FP service. So I had to port my number elsewhere first. ~~I would check with FP 1st to make sure I was porting from a compatible company~~
** second mistake was to pick a random mvno that would work with my phone. $60 to activate with that company and port my number and I had to be active 15 days before I could port out again. In the meantime, I've already paid for FP and am not using the service. ~~I would check with FP 1st to make sure I was porting from a compatible company~~

So now, two weeks later, I formally begin the process of porting my number to FP. I received an email that the porting process began and I would receive another email when complete or if there was any issues. I waited 3 business days before posting on the forum to ask how long porting should take. I waited several more business days to receive a forum response that there was an issue with the phone number I provided. That was finally cleared up. 2 days later, my number was successfully ported.

** third mistake was to not check my SIM card. The SIM card from the previous mvno worked fine for the two weeks I was with that company. But the SIM card was not compatible with FP so I had no service. It was 3 business days before I could drive to a Sprint store an hour away (not an authorized sprint reseller or kiosk in mall) to get a new SIM card. The SIM card activated fine. ~~I would make sure I have a valid new Sprint SIM card on hand~~

So my phone was finally activated and working with 3 days left in the billing cycle.
I paid for the premium voice service to ensure I have clear voice coverage.
My phone works fine as long as I am near an interstate highway. Despite full coverage on the map for my corner of my state, I have NO SERVICE once I get about 7 miles down the road away from the interstate.
I have not yet been able to activate picture messaging on my iphone. Every photo I receive is just a warning that I cannot receive pictures with a link to activate this service. The link doesn't work.

iDevices are able to send iMessages outside the FP app for data only. I can text for free within the FP app or iMessage and use up my allotted data. I can send/receive photos to other iPhone users using data over iMessage.

Right this minute, I am undecided on FP. It may be worth it to me. I would not recommend it to friends without a long list of cautions.
If we can get picture messaging working, I would probably recommend FP to everyone with the following tips:
@ Check with FP before BYOD to see if they can port from your previous company
@ Make sure you have a clean sprint SIM card ready
@ Be prepared to call FP support for help rather than wait for forum support if your issue is urgent


  • GAlilyGAlily Posts: 30FreedomPop Newbie
    Wow. I spent two hours writing up a long review of my experience with FreedomPop.
    I made sure to copy the entire post and verify I was logged in then paste the post to ensure I didn't time out the forum server.
    Is there a reason the entire post is not being displayed?
  • Tobias SinclairTobias Sinclair Posts: 29FreedomPop Newbie
    I would have to rate Freedompop lower then the stars they offer. Having been a customer for 5 years with 4 different phones I know what I am talking about. True, I am riled at a recent conflict where I bought a new phone from them for my teenage daughter that i want her to have for those emergency situations and of course her social life. However, through a series of misguided steps by Freedompop they deactivated her account but kept the phone active. This means the phone is denied service and can not be reactivated to get service. No phone/text/internet service. They refunded my annual subscription fee and refused to reconcile the phone. Why you ask? Did I do something horrible to deserve this? I did nothing wrong except step into a world of frustrating Freedompop policies. On the same date I paid for the new phone I received an automatic reoccurring charge on my own phone that I use daily. No big deal except that they added a service that I had previously said I don't want. Freedompop sneaks added service often. With 4 accounts on one credit card they do not define which charge is for which account which makes it very confusing. They have a system where you submit problems like this for their customer service to solve. Since I have a busy life i can't spend the usual hour it takes on the phone to solve a simple problem like this. So I use the online service which takes several days for them to respond to. This time they did not respond at all. So I used my bank system of disputing the charge. Within a week I received my refund and the bank reversed the charge and ended the dispute with all accounts paid in full. Not the end of the story. Freedompop then misplaces this dispute on the unauthorized charge on new phone I just bought for my daughter. Even though the dispute was quickly resolved they have a policy of labeling it as "Charge Back" . It took weeks for me to get customer service to explain what exactly is a charge back? A charge back is a way for Freedompop to list the phone and the account as a liability due to a disputed charge. Freedompop places the customer on a list of 'risk'. Under no circumstances do they reconcile a charge back account. Even though i have been a good paying customer with 3 other paid accounts this one phone I have for my daughter is considered a risk. Now I understand that the customer service people can only do what the policy says on their computer screens. Naturally, I ask for someone with authority to resolve this. However, maybe its another policy but they refuse to release the information. I can see list of leaders of the company on their help page but customer service will not even acknowledge that I have ask for higher help. I get nothing in response. So I am left being created by Freedompop as an adversary to their company on the social media pages. It should not have to be this way.
  • GAlilyGAlily Posts: 30FreedomPop Newbie
    I ended up canceling my FreedomPop mobile phone service after 3 months.

    Active phone calls cannot switch from wifi calling to mobile phone service. The call disconnects. So if I received a phone call as I was walking out the door and answered while still on wifi, the call would disconnect as I pulled out my drive. If I drove past a restaurant with open wifi such that my phone picked up wifi signal randomly on the road, the call would disconnect as I drove past. Tech support said they had no resolution to this issue other than to manually turn off the wifi accessibility on my phone before leaving the house.

    Also, the FreedomPop app does not integrate well with iOS. It functions for voice calls and texts. But it would not communicate with the rest of the phone. Messages from other iOS users went to the native message app while messages from Android users went to the FP app. Siri could not dial phone numbers for me. I could not click on a phone number on a website or message to dial. I'd have to write down the number and manually dial inside the FP app.

    The FP phone number continued to not be recognized as a valid mobile number for identification purposes when logging in to my bank or credit card account online and needing a one-time passcode.

    I simply could not accept no service when I was more than 7 miles from the interstate. That means no phone calls and no data. I could not price check items online while at the grocery store. I could not make or receive a phone call if I got a flat tire 1 mile from home. I could not send a text to a colleague that a doctor appointment was running late so I'd be late back to the office.

    I chose to cancel my FreedomPop mobile phone service.
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