Who puts the Sprint access phone number in the FreedomPop devices?

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Is the Sprint phone number ( the one that enables FreedomPop) carried by the phone set or by the SIM card? If by SIM, who activates it? I have read several posts about which SIM to purchase for various BYOD phones because FreedomPop does not sell SIM's. I got a couple nano SIMs from Sprint to drop in an iPhone 5. Sprint wanted to activate the cards, but, of course, I had no account with them. So my suspicion is that the Sprint phone number travels with the SIM card that came, in my case, with the KHI (KyoHydroIcon). My question remains, 'Who attaches the Sprint access number to the SIM (or the phone)?' At what point in the process of getting a FreedomPop phone does this happen?

I confess that I am tempted to pop the SIM out of my KHI, punch the SIM to get a nano, and install it in my iPhone 5 to see what happens. I cannot believe my iPhone 5, which is supposed to be inherently unlocked, will not handle this.
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