Can make but cannot receive calls while not connected to wifi

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I got my freedompop Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone March 16. I tried making a call with it, that worked fine. I tried calling the phone from a different phone, that didn't work at all. I had another person call, again, it did not receive anything.

I do not know what is wrong with it.

Update1: Running Messaging app, which should be renamed to "FreedomPop Messaging" to distinguish itself from default Android version, let me recieve calls. Further testing to do.

Update2: As the comments I posted after posting the initial problem mention, I can receive calls when connected to on wifi at home, but I cannot reliably receive them when I turn wifi off. Only one out of however many attempts has arrived when I called myself from a different phone or had somebody call me. One other call sort of came through, some minutes after I had hung up the other phone.

Update3: Phone screen is messing up badly now. Constant TV Interlace style up and down flickering that makes it hard to see. Even the boot up text when the phone is restarted shows it. The phone is bad, the battery is weak, and will probably have to be sent back. I am not sure if that affects the call capability or if it is unrelated.
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    Apparently the messaging app needed to be ran first. It should be changed to freedompop messaging rather than just "messaging"

    I assumed it was just the standard android one.

    It seems to work now. I will test it more tomorrow.
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    Testing further, i can ONLY receive calls while connected to my home wi-fi. If wi-fi is turned off, I cannot reliably receive a call. One out of 10 calls have made it through. Two if you count the one that went through a minute or two after I stopped calling with the other phone and hung up.

    The phone itself has a very weak battery that is draining quickly. The phone's screen occasionally visibly jitters up and down as though the video were bouncing up and down 1 to 2 pixels rapidly giving an interesting Interlaced look.

    I think I'll probably have to return it at this point.

    Update: Jitter of screen is now nearly constant and rarely stops for more than a few seconds now. Even when the phone is rebooting it is jittering. I suspect phone is close to failure. I am not sure whether that is related to my inability to receive calls without wifi turned on or not.
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