Mobile Phone Service Not Working... please help

alan_iwaalan_iwa Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
Have nice Sprint signal (3G), but forever retrying to connect to server. Have tried numerous carrier and network resets. Tickets to support unanswered.


  • skinnyneoskinnyneo Posts: 38FreedomPop Newbie
    I am having the exact same issue. My Freedompop service was working flawlessly up until about 10 days ago. My phone shows Sprint signal, and the 3G indicator but I have no data whatsoever. When I launch the Freedompop app it just says it is trying to connect but it always fails, and tries again. My husband who also has Freedompop, is sitting right next to me and his phone works just fine. I have data, minutes, and text messages available. I have tried clearing and updating PLU, resetting network settings on wifi and off wifi, power cycling the phone, just about anything I can think of and I still can't access data. What can I do!?
  • alan_iwaalan_iwa Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
    I have been reading lots of stuff on the forums about problems with the DNS capabilities for accounts. You can try this... Open your browser and type this IP address If you see the nerds from that means that the DNS isn't working (because wouldn't work but will work). I am going to start a new thread here hoping someone from their dev team pays attention. The support people don't seem to know what to do with this information.
  • alan_iwaalan_iwa Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
  • Eileen ParadineEileen Paradine Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I switched from a flip phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4, so I am still pretty "challenged" when it comes to using the phone. It seems that I can only use the phone if I have a wifi connection. That does me no good if I am out on the road, in a grocery store, etc. Shouldn't I somehow be able to use the phone without a wifi connection? If so, please explain in the simplest language. I've contacted support but it has been 4 days and still no response to my email. I am not a heavy user of the phone, but I do want it to be there for me if I need it.
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