Not asked for ICCID when Activating Moto E - need to have it added!

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I paid the $20 and activated my Moto E using BYOD. It took it ok superficially.
However, it never prompted me for the ICCID so obviously it does not actually work.
@Jorge M. I sent all the details to you in private mail.
Could you possibly attach to it the ICCID that I gave in the mail and re-initialize it in the ststem?



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    @comintel I took a look into your account and I can confirm that the ICCID you provided me in the PM is associated with the account already. However, I do see that you have not installed our FreedomPop Messaging App.
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    @Jorge M.

    I just did that, and reset carrier data a couple of times, and it is now working fully including LTE!

    I had not realized initially that installing Messenger was necessary even to get LTE working, but I understand now that it is.


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