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4G Network Not Found

Been having this issue for a couple of days, then I checked my account and I had to update my billing information because apparently my payment didnt go through. So I did that and still its just not connecting! How long am I supposed to wait??


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    @kentchan91 - FreedomPop Photon Hotspot is 3G/4G-WiMax only, and WiMax has been shut down through a Sprint Decision made last year. FreedomPop devices cannot connect to WiMax towers since they are no longer available. However, the 3G should work on a qualifying plan.
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    A qualifying plan is a paid plan.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a new LTE device on a new account (requires a new email address) and use a free 500MB 4G LTE plan.

    I should also point out that you can keep your old device on a free plan and use it to manually gift your new account 100MB each month. The old account can gift up to 500MB per month, with 100MB max to any one account.
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