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Need to swap devices on account

Sean O'GormanSean O'Gorman Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
So a couple of months ago I activated an LG Optimus V during the 1GB free promotional period, knowing that it probably would not work. I had the phone on RingPlus previously, where only voice/SMS worked. I eventually decided to try and get around to working on it, which meant flashing Optimus S firmware. Unfortunately, I rushed through the process, and in doing so, I lost my EFS backup, and thus, the all important AAA password is gone.

I want to give this a second try, so I took a family member's old Optimus V, and I'd like to swap the ESN on my account to the replacement Optimus V. Is this possible without creating a new account? If I fail at getting the phone to work, I'm OK with that, but I'd rather not pay another $20 to do so.

Alternately, if there is *any* way that FreedomPop or Sprint is able to provide me with the AAA password for the current device, that would be even better.
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