Can I Please Get A Refund?

Jennifer ConeyJennifer Coney Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hi. I had thought that buying credit ahead of when I would be billing would mean that the credit would be used to pay for the monthly charges. Well apparently that wasn't the case. I've had a very frustrating week writing emails to customer service and getting no explanations about why my SERVICE HAD BEEN SHUT OFF (!) because of course since I had already given you all the money I had... Now the card was unable to be charged and I need to put in a new card. Thankfully there was a few dollars on another of my debit cards. But the bottom line is- whatever the credit is for- I never wanted to do anything except pay monthly charges and it made it so I couldn't do that. Can I please get a refund for that 30 dollar credit? Also my husband had this identical problem happening with his phone for all the same reasons. So I need help with that one too. His has been shut off for days now because of this.


  • Rosmarie PortugalRosmarie Portugal Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
    Hi Jennifer Coney;

    Please call customer care 7days a week (pacific time/6am-6pm)
    -Cust Care (888) 743-8107 so that they look on your account.
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