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PLEASE HELP! Premium voice service has never worked with my Galaxy Note 2

dapsterdapster Posts: 20FreedomPop Newbie
I bought a freedompop galaxy note 2 from woot. I wanted a bigger screen to replace my galaxy s3. I had premium voice with my old s3 and it worked great! Ever since I got my note 2 premium voice will not work. I tried customer service many times and tried many of the same fixes over the past 2 months. (Reset it to factory default, update prl, carrier reset, etc). Nothing works. My phone just displays a message that premium voice is being used for the call, but the call just keeps dialing(no sound) then after a while displays call ended with a busy signal. Its been like this since I got the phone a few months back.
Could it be that my MEID number is being blocked by Sprint 2g? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!


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