Moto E - Two Moto E's offered for different price on freedompop website

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Hi, I am thinking about buying, but I want to clear up some confusion first.
What is the difference between the Moto E offered for $30 as a promotion

and the one offered for $150 on the shop page?

Can I downgrade the $30 one's plan to a $0/month plan, immediately when I get it?


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    There are No differences.

    Here are the special I have, take your pick, one special might have a different plan attached.

    Moto E 29.99>>

    Moto E 29.98>>

    You can downgrade to Free anytime after you activate. Here are some instructions I wrote up>>

    First we need to downgrade any trial plan they gave you. log into your account online (after activation) and click this link>>

    You will see your data plan at the very top of this page. In of the Top boxes, click the words in the box that says “Details and Plan Management". It will take you to a new page with all your plan details. At the very bottom of this Box, you’re going to see the word (downgrade this plan/offer), very tiny words. Click those word and a pop up will show, asking you to confirm the downgrade. It might even ask you to try a different plan, or do you want to keep your saved data. Just click downgrade anyways. You might get another Pop up asking for your password to complete the downgrade. Enter your account password and proceed. It will confirm once you are downgraded.

    Make sure you are still logged in and visit this link>>>

    This will have the service plans, which always get missed when anybody downgrades to Free. The Top boxes will be the service plans you are subscribed to. Start with the top box and work your way down (depending on how many service plans you have). Over to the right of each service plan is the words with an arrow "View Details->". Click view details and it takes you to a new page. On this page, under the box with the Service plan details are the words "To deactivate this service, click here". Click the link A pop up will show, click>> (Click here to confirm cancellation of your service). You will get another confirmation after it is complete.

    Now you are on the 100% free plan. If you want to make sure you don't get charged any overages. You proceed to the next step. This shuts off Auto Top-Ups.

    Open your account online and click this link>>>

    It will take you to the Billing Settings page. Look for the square called "Automatic Top-up" and click edit. Change these settings to auto top-up (NO). And click saves. You might get a pop up warning, just click yes or "downgrade anyways". This setting decides if you get charged for any Data Overages.

    Freedompop changed this last week. It will ask you for a 5$ credit in-order to turn automatic top up off. The 5$ is a credit, just encase you go over the free amount during the 3 hour delay. They ask that you keep 5$ in credit at all times with Auto top up disabled,

    You will be on the 100% Free, but you have to watch your data usage very carefully. With the overages turned off, when you get close to the allotted amount, the account will suspend till you upgrade to a bigger plan, or you wait till the month rolls over to a new month.

    I normally downgrade mine right after i purchase a special, some members wait 3 days before the end of the trial.

    Great Tips and Trick, User Guides and How to's in my Signature-(Take a Peek)

    Hope you find any post I have created helpful. Please look for my How to-s(Downgrading-100% Free) and (How to use the FreedomPop Community), or my Guides on FreedomPop Devices(Phones) and (Hotspots). Here is one on (FreedomPop Plans). Here is one on all (FreedomPop Apps). He is one on(Traveling with your GSM Global Sim?) or Common Question about the (GSM Global Sim). You can PM me anytime by clicking this link here njfulwider5. Than click the BUTTON with the (Small Envelope), to left of the word (MESSAGE). I will do my best help. Welcome to FreedomPop

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    Thanks very much!

    Do you know when this deal ends?

    Am I able to purchase a 1GB annual plan for this phone?
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