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Can't activate Sprint iPhone 5c - need administrator help

dkbatdkbat Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
On another Freedompop account I am trying to switch to a Sprint iPhone 5c that I've verified has a clean ESN. Trying to activate online says "We're experiencing an issue with your provided device ID. To complete your activation, please call 800-671-5017". I called support and the first person said I need to contact Sprint to unlock the device. Then she transferred me (which ended up being multiple transfers) to someone who looked at it and told me I don't need to contact Sprint to unlock the device but that the iPhone 5c is not yet supported on Freedompop. This clearly isn't true cause others have done it and it's on the supported BYOD list. I need to know what I need to do to get this phone working. If I need to contact Sprint, what do I need to tell them? Please help!



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  • dkbatdkbat Posts: 10FreedomPop Newbie
    Quick update: I called Freedompop support for the 3rd time, this time the activation line. They told me that the iPhone 5C is supported (which is what I thought) and to get it put on an existing account you have to set up a new account first and activate the phone. Then you have them swap that phone to your existing plan. That is what I expected from reading here and it seemed easy enough.

    Unfortunately, when they looked at my existing plan they realized it's one of the BYOD promos and they said they cannot swap my new phone onto an existing BYOD promo plan. Is this correct? I can't use the old phone on the existing plan anymore because the screen is totally shattered.

    If I set up the new iPhone 5C on a new account can an admin swap it onto my existing plan, even though it's a promo? I'm happy to pay the $20 activation fee again if needed.


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