Any plans to offer GSM service in the US?

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I was hoping that with the UK GSM rollout I would soon be able to get a FreedomPop SIM card for my phone and leave my hotspot at home, but I've yet to hear anything. Are there any plans for FreedomPop to partner with a GSM network in the US in the next few months?


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    @James Beegle
    The Sims they've been offering can be used in the US also. These Sims have been released to use in the US to US Customers. Eachtime they release The Hotspot Sim or the Phone Sim, they sell out in a matter of Hours. They don't last long. The Free Plan for the US is 200 voice/200 text/200 mbs. The Hotspot sim is only 200mbs. Members have reported using the Hotspot sim with their phones and they work. Right now the only Global device for the US is the one Mifi 2 being offered for 39.99(left column on the page under the Galaxy S3 for 49.99$)

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    So if i buy a FPop UK SIM card and then go vacationing on Penny Lane, which phone should I use over there in the UK?
    They have GSM, HSPA and LTE, but the US has different LTE bands!
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    Does Freedompop offer any phone for use in the UK?
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