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I was wondering if they iphone 4s would be useable on freedompops network. It supports the newest ios version, and so I was wondering if it would be useable on your network. Any advice will be helpful.

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    You can use a Iphone 4s with 3G CDMA, here on Freedompop. Just make sure the phone is from Sprint or another MNVO like ting or Virgin Mobile. If its from a MNVO, make sure you have used it longer than 12 months. If the Phone is from Sprint Make sure that it has a 0$ balance with any company it came from. Brand New phone will most likely have issues activating.

    You can test or activate the phone using the MEID/ESN here>>


    You can use the link to Test the MEID/ESN. IF it goes Past the MEID Screen and shows you 3/4 Plans, the Phone is Acceptable. Than just close the browser if your just testing. If yours past and you want to Activate, just pick the plan and move on to the next page.

    Joe F

    PS-I have used a Iphone 4s for the past 2 years with Freedompop and had no issues with coverage. Great phones when using 3g.

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    Check the following post out for the latest list of phones supported on Freedompop:


    The iPhone 4s is definitely on the list. You'll have to make sure it's either a Freedompop phone or was used previously on the Sprint network as I believe those are the only ones that are sure to work.

  • RealTrueGritRealTrueGrit Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks for the reply guys. I am actually going to be doing a few repairs on the phone itself (got it from a friend in pretty bad condition), and was wondering If I replaced the logic board with one locked to sprint (yes they can be found online for a decent price) would I then be able to activate my phone with freedompop. I am pretty sure the answer is yes, but I just wanted to see what others had to say on the matter.
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    I have been trying to register an I phone 4s, but it keeps saying it is having a problem with the meid. It is a Virgin 4s that I have used for over 2 years.

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