Mot E2LTE phone recently will not connect to new access points?

kdegrukdegru Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
About 2 weeks ago my MotE 2nd Gen2 will no longer connect to certain access points. Some originally set up, when I got the phone, several months ago continue to work fine. The problematic access points (which have proven to be good with other devices) show an ! next to the wifi signal strength icon and I of course show a network connection problem when I launch Chrome. I am not sure what happened two weeks ago when this problem started while I was listening to a pod cast? Maybe I agreed to software updates from FP? So far I have tried: 1) Carrier resets. 2) Forgetting the access point SSID and seemingly successfully reinstalling it with connect showing in the wifi app but on the top bar I get the ! next to the wifi icon. 3) Uninstalling the FP messaging app and doing a reinstall. Can anyone suggest any other remedies to get reliable wifi connectivity to this otherwise great MotE2?
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