AT&T Unlocked IPhone 4 Working

svasshsvassh Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Just wanted to share how I got this working on an AT&T iphone 4.

1. Unlock phone via AT&T if not already unlocked.
2. Once you get the email from AT&T that phone is unlocked reset the phone with the FreedomPop sim installed.
3. You need to get past the setup on the newly reset phone and have a wifi connect.
3a. Search the Apple store for FreedomPop Free Voice and Text and Install it.
4. From iphone safari open
5. Select the option for 'Manually'
6. In the APN name type '' leave username and password blank.
7. Click Install Profile, accept from the iphone general settings.
8. Turn off wifi
9. Try the newly installed FreedomPop Free Voice and Text app, it should work without wifi.


  • y2khardtopy2khardtop Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    isn't working for shows a very strong signal, but app won't connect. Browser tries to connect to HP DataPass, but before you can create an account a pop-up comes up telling you the wifi is on (even though it's off). Not sure where to go next
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