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"You have used all of your data" - not true!


It seems whenever I reach about 400MB of my 500MB data limit, freedompop suspends my account. I get "Account not active", "You have used all of your data for this period". But the Messaging app and the freedompop website say I have 80MB left.

I've tried the various troubleshooting suggestions but they don't help: Sync account data, Reset Connection (dialing ##72786#), updating the messaging app etc. When the billing period restarts, then it works again. Why don't you give me the 500MB of data you say you will?

I contacted freedompop support last month by email and got no reply. I emailed again this week... no reply. These are my support email reference numbers: 160319-000103 and 160408-000059.

Provide good service... get good referrals. How about it?



  • jimindenverjimindenver Posts: 149FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    Do you have auto top up off? They will suspend the account at 400 Mb to keep you from going over in the time it takes Sprint to report your usage.

    With top on you can go right to and over your limit. They will charge you if you go over but at least you can take it right to the limit if you pay attention.

    Freedompop friends will get you another 500 Mb for free with little effort and no cost. Check it out.
    Auto top up is off. I don't want overage charges.

    Since they say 500MB, we should get 500MB. Once I get to around 400MB, phone calls and texts also stop working even though I have 198 voice minutes and over 400 text messages left!

    That's not right.
  • akatheswedeakatheswede Posts: 17FreedomPop Newbie
    so true, I used my text up had 1.89GB of data earned and 190 minutes of talk they deactivated my phone. this was day 30 next day, day 1 still not activated had to reselect the basic plan and enter credit card info. website looks good all reset can't text as it says unsupported format when I use the FP messaging app straight text nothing else? I loved not having to pay a few months but with awful call quality and no real support about time to pass this plague onto someone else. I have saved enough to pay for the phone at least and will find something that is truly usable and not a headache. Oh also great that even the forum has to pass through them to be able to post only what they want, while giving no help to there base. Snag the praise for a few months now the blues.
  • MonroeMonroe Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I too received the dreaded "YOU HAVE USED ALL OF YOUR DATA FOR THIS PERIOD!" from freedompop. I'm on the free 200 basic plan and when I checked the account it states: Voice 200 minutes (5 used), Data 500mb (9 used), Messages 500 texts (40 used)
    Another section basically reiterated everything: Talk 200 minutes/196 left, Text 500 messages/460 left, Data 500mb/491mb left. Clearly they are trying to **** people into "upgrading" but the Sprint coverage is about 1 bar around here. Now I should say that dreaded message appeared while trying to send a text while on my home WiFi, not on Sprint cellular. There's just no excuse for that crap!!
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