Texting Uses My Data & Voicemail Will Not Work

Elijah KanousElijah Kanous Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I currently have the Premium 1GB plan that is supposed to supply 1GB of data, unlimited calling and unlimited texting. Yet texting uses up my data. What's the point in paying for this premium plan if the texting isn't actually unlimited and eats up my data? Data is only supposed to be used when you access apps over the cellular network like browsers, external messaging apps like KIK or TextME or when you update apps over the cellular network. Texting is supposed to be completely unlimited in this plan. So what's the point of paying for this plan if eventually texting (and possibly my calling service) will stop working once it eats up all of my data?

Also my voicemail will not work. Every time I try to access it it pops up with a message saying "Phone is not activated! You need to activate this phone to be able to sign up and receive Visual Voicemails." But my phone clearly is activated if I can make and receive calls and also text. And yes I do have FreedomPop Premium Plus on my account as well. So why won't this work? Having voicemail is an extremely important feature that should work. I've tried some recommendation I found in other threads suggesting to go into my apps, stop the services for messaging and for voicemail, clear the data and cache, and restart my phone. None of that works.
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