Do a ##72786# in a known good LTE area

Eric VeyEric Vey Posts: 16FreedomPop Newbie
I was having trouble with my phone making LTE connections. All connections were 3G even after I did a factory reset and a ##72786#. I finally figured out why and how to fix it.

I live in a LTE dead zone. People here are grateful to get Sprint 3G and voice because up until five years ago, even standing outside, all Sprint service was spotty. When I did a ##72786# in that 3G area only, my Freedompop Moto E 2nd phone got the idea that 3G was a good as it would ever get, so went I went into areas where I knew LTE worked, it would never switch to LTE.

The answer was to drive to a known good LTE area and then do a ##72786#. Now it switches back and forth just like it is supposed to.

I don't know if being connected to Wi-Fi makes any difference in the LTE area because I was not connected to Wi-Fi there. I do know that being connected to Wi-Fi in the 3G area made no difference and the phone stayed stuck on 3G.


  • Wolf69Wolf69 Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks you for this info, it may solve my problem.
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