Need to replace my broken Galaxy S 3

Abel GutierrezAbel Gutierrez Posts: 23FreedomPop Newbie
How do I change my phone? I have an HTC One to replace it.


  • Carol LewCarol Lew Posts: 63FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert
    Since your new phone is not a FreedomPop phone, you will have to activate it as a BYOD. This means creating a new account under a new e-mail address and paying the BYOD registration fee. Once the device is successfully activated and you would like to transfer your old number, create a new discussion in the Device Swap area of the forum and request admin help with swapping your old phone with the new one.

    How to upgrade your phone and keep your phone number with FreedomPop
    Follow instructions under Case 2, except for the calling of FP support for device swapping. I haven't had any luck with reaching customer service for device swapping. But, I got an almost immediate response when posting in the correct area of the forum. Also, note that activation fee refunds only applies to FP devices.

    How to: Phone Swap Request
    Follow instructions here after successfully activating your new phone.
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  • Abel GutierrezAbel Gutierrez Posts: 23FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you kindly for the assistance. Much appreciated.
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