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accidentally activated premium voice while trying to make sure its deactivated

BumedianBumedian Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
edited May 2016 in Premium Voice Service #1
i was looking for a way to deactivate the premium voice , and accidentally activated it ,
please if you can cancel this and refund the amount

what information should i give you to be able to dod that ?

its frustrating to find the way to downgrade the premium voice while no way in any web setting or page ,

in the account it doesn't show where it is active or can be downgraded , but in the app it say its active ,

this makes me want to deactivate all my sim cards

please help refund and downgrade the premium voice for all family devices

thank you


  • Davey (3rd)Davey (3rd) Posts: 132FreedomPop Newbie
    This from the Freedompop support pages...
    How do I downgrade?
    As a FreedomPop user, you can change your data plan or services at any time. You can manage your current data plan and voice plan straight from your FreedomPop Account.

    If you are on a paid plan, and wish to downgrade to a free one, just select "Details and Plan Management" and tap the link at the bottom. Confirm the downgrade. Be sure you do the same for both your voice and data plan if you wish to avoid monthly charge(s).

    You can also manage your current add-on Services. If you wish to disable any value added service, just select "View Details" of the service you wish to edit and tap the link at the bottom. Be sure you confirm the cancellation.
  • BumedianBumedian Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    thank you @Davey (3rd) for your help

    i did downgrade from 1000 plan to the basic 200 and got the confirmation email but in there it said (Please note that just your data plan has been downgraded. If you have other services active you will need to downgrade those separately. Also, if you have multiple accounts be sure to make your plan/service request changes to each individual account.)

    so i went to the services to see how i can downgrade them to, i couldn't find any link or a tiny word that say (downgrade or click this link or remove or view details)
    i did not find any thing, unless its hidden somewhere , i even try to zoom in and out to check if i am missing any thing in the page
    but couldn't find any
    i clicked the details of the service , also did not find any thing
    i tried to click activate , thinking that it will ask for confirmation first, but what happened is , it activated without asking any thing and no confirmation is shown, right away i received a message saying that it was activated and the amount is taken from my account . so fast

    in the account before downgrading the services page is shown like this ( the pic)
    while it say
    (You have not signed up for any services yet.
    Check out the available services below to get the most out of your FreedomPop experience.)
    and the premium voice is not shown at all to select or downgrade or delete or ,,, any thing

    and as you see when i selected view details, nothing clickable but the activate button

    can you help?

    thank you
  • Davey (3rd)Davey (3rd) Posts: 132FreedomPop Newbie
    If you are saying that you have activated premium voice and have no way of deactivating it, then I guess you will have to contact customer support to get it sorted out.
    I assume you are in the UK as one of your posts was in the UK section.
    You can contact the UK customer support at [email protected] or call +44 11 3887 0823 Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • BumedianBumedian Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
    yes i did contact them and they helped

    thank you for your help
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